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About Us

Management Team

Mersive's management team includes its founders, who are computer vision experts as evidenced by numerous patents and published papers, and a seasoned team of business professionals responsible for financial results, customer satisfaction and market positioning.


Board of Directors

Mersive's Board of Directors includes venture capitalists experienced in this market space who invest in and advise the company.


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Company Overview

Mersive is a leading provider of display management and collaboration software. By transforming hardware challenges into software solutions, Mersive has helped to create a new class of displays, enabling visual collaboration to go mainstream.

Until now, the professional display market was hardware-centric, offering only costly and complex solutions. Mersive’s patented software enables a new class of displays by maximizing the output of display hardware to deliver high performance, fast-to-deploy, affordable solutions.

Christopher Jaynes and Stephen Webb founded Mersive in 2006 as an offshoot of academic research started by Jaynes in 2000 and funded by DARPA, DHS and NSF. Coming from advanced computer science backgrounds, Jaynes and Webb broke new technological ground solving various problems related to video surveillance, human-computer interaction, and display technologies.  After six years of research and several patent approvals, they raised venture capital to form Mersive as the vehicle for commercializing their technology.  Since then, Mersive has received additional grants and added new investors.

Mersive’s R&D has produced two market-changing products.  Sol software automatically aligns multiple projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services.  Solstice software virtualizes displays into a seamless Pixel Landscape® enabling visual data sharing in ways that current technology does not support. With Solstice, multiple users with a diversity of devices, running any applications, can access any display at the same time.

These products provide knowledge workers with access to simple affordable visual display systems that foster interaction, facilitate decision making and cultivate creativity.  Mersive goes to market through resellers who bundle our software with display hardware to create end solutions and OEMs who integrate our software in finished products.  To get in touch with one of our sales partners or to learn more about becoming a reseller or OEM, please contact us.