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Sol software

Resellers, integrators and OEMs use Sol software
to build innovative new display solutions.

Since it was first released in 2006, Sol software has revolutionized high performance display setup and maintenance enabling a new class of displays.

Sol sets the standard for accurate auto-calibration and seamless alignment of multi-projector displays.  Sol works with any type of projectors in both front and rear projection setups.

Sol’s patented approach to correct geometric misalignment and balance brightness intensity provides a superior result at a fraction of the  cost of hardware-centric alternatives.

Mersive offers three different versions of Sol to meet specific application requirements.

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Designed for displays relying on a Windows 7, multi-head GPU graphics card to deliver content. Supports flat and cylindrical displays.

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Designed for displays used for multiple content applications that are driven by a video wall controller or a computer. Supports flat and slightly curved surfaces.

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Designed for displays running a single application, such as simulators, planetariums and other dedicated purpose displays. Supports complex display geometries, such as domes, cylinders, cave-like displays.

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Featured Item Delta WX Series

Delta WX Series

Provides a size, image quality and price that transforms engineering labs, product design centers, medical research facilities and conference rooms into collaborative work spaces. Delta’s WX Series integrates their ultra short-throw projectors with a light-weight screen and Mersive’s patented auto-calibration and pixel processing software.  View the video.