5 Facts to Help You Create Better Meetings

Create Better Meetings

This infographic highlights some valuable information about how to create better meetings. This information was derived from a survey we conducted in which we asked respondents questions about how they conduct meetings. The Full survey can be read here.

Visual Content is King

Now that we all have mobile computers in our hands (or pockets) at all time, we have access to digital content like never before. Social media has normalized the concept of content sharing (photos, your favorite web content, or cat video) and the concept of using content to create context for social interactions has crossed over into the workplace. So in short, if you are meeting without content at the center of the conversation, then you are missing a vital component which would create a more engaging experience for everyone involved.

Create a Meeting Itinerary and Stick to it

We’ve already established that content is king. But why stop at sharing one item or type of content at a time? Even in a presentation scenario where one person is controlling the content that is shared, there are so many content sources that are overlooked because the presenter opted to consolidate their content onto slides. There are literally SO MANY content sources that could do a better job of relaying thoughts and ideas. Some commonly used content sources are simple office apps (docs, PDF’s, spreadsheets). Why not share a PDF and spreadsheet side by side? Or go crazy, share a YouTube video side by side with an interactive PDF – you will quickly be limited by the video cable.

Did you know that you no longer have to rely on the video cable? Using Solstice, there is no limit to the type or amount of content you share – everyone in your meeting can share and curate the content shared to a display simultaneously. Check out the Solstice landing page to learn more.

Create a Meeting Itinerary and Stick to it

Keep your meetings on track! While everyone appreciates an open, collaborative environment, an itinerary is a must. An itinerary will not only help you stay on task and come to a consensus quicker, but it will also keep your meetings from running too long. Successful meetings have clear objectives with an itinerary outlining how to achieve those objectives in a timely manner.

Allow for Content Sharing via Mobile Devices

‘BYOD’ or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is quickly becoming the norm. The devices that we all use the most are now becoming a vital part of meetings, which makes sense if you think about it. Why wouldn’t you want to use and share content from the device that you use most often and are the most comfortable with?

Meetings are Frequent, So Make Them Count

As office spaces are becoming more collaborative, there has been an increase in the number of meetings. These meetings do not necessarily mean all-hands-on-deck either, many meetings in the modern office space are happening ad-hoc. But more meetings does not equate to better productivity, unless the meetings themselves are engaging and drive towards an objective.

So how do you create better meetings? Remember that content is king and that an image (or video) can tell a thousand words, bring more content sources into meetings to drive engagement, stick to the meeting itinerary with clear objectives, and utilize the devices that everyone uses most often and are most comfortable with.

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