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3 Key Insights from Solstice Cloud as Your Organization Returns to the Office

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As you return to the office, it can be difficult to synthesize the many changes and make quantitative return to work decisions that benefit your organization. Mersive’s Solstice Cloud provides data to organizations in valuable ways, allowing them to better understand how their meeting and learning spaces are used. Pre-pandemic customers also have data that shows their meeting room norms, and can view the pandemic impact as well as their progress to find a new hybrid workplace norm. This blog highlights three key insights from Solstice Cloud that can help your organization as you return to the workplace.

Return to Work using Solstice Cloud

3 Key Insights from Solstice Cloud

1. How often are your meeting spaces used?

Solstice Cloud Categories

If you’re like most of our customers, you’ve invested a lot in your meeting spaces. But now, how do you ensure you’re receiving a return on that investment? By using automatic and custom categories to compare usage by room type/size, location, or other beneficial groupings, Solstice Cloud Analytics provides meaningful data on your meeting space usage. These insights allow you to optimize your meeting spaces for better productivity.



Actionable Insight & suggested solution:

People are selecting open spaces with better ventilation and avoiding enclosed rooms. Enable digital signage on Solstice displays with customized messages informing users of safety protocols in place that keep enclosed spaces clean for meeting use.
The majority of meetings happen from 10am-12pm. Block recurring time from 12-12:30pm to sanitize meeting rooms.

2. What is your meeting room density?

What is your meeting room density

Occupancy is very important in today’s world. We see government mandated max occupancy for businesses everywhere. Using Solstice Cloud, administrators can view max and average hourly occupancy data for Solstice-enabled spaces connected to a USB camera. This ensures that employees are compliant with the company’s health guidelines and provides them with peace of mind that meetings will be safe spaces.


Actionable insights & suggested solutions:

Max occupancy numbers are being surpassed. Set better visual reminders about space occupancy – digital signage and welcome screens that have maximum occupancy reminders, match the number of chairs in the space to max occupancy.
Enable video routing features through Solstice Active Learning Subscription to support overflow and divisible rooms.

3. How does your workforce collaborate?

Solstice Cloud Categories

Employees have returned to the office and meeting rooms are being used, but are users collaborating with each other? True collaboration is essential to both the business and society, and employee’s well being. Solstice Cloud provides insight into in-room technology usage and allows admins to view how users are sharing content and what types of user software and video conferencing services are used to share in meetings.


Actionable Insight & suggested solution:

70% of meetings include remote participants. Enable calendar integration with Solstice Conference so employees can quickly connect to video conferencing services using a one-step meeting start.

During these unprecedented times, we hope that Solstice Cloud Analytics can provide informative data to IT/technology admins and decision-makers and help them make quantitative return to work decisions. What we’ve outlined above are only a few of the analytics available in Solstice Cloud. We’d love to hear from you – What are we missing? How are you using your data?

Mersive’s Solstice Cloud team has an innovative roadmap and will regularly roll out new management and analytics capabilities. Log in to Solstice Cloud or learn how to create a Solstice Cloud account for your organization to take advantage of meeting space analytics. Solstice Subscription is required to access Solstice Cloud analytics. Reach out to your sales representative if you have any questions.

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