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How to Sell Your Decision Makers on Solstice

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Discovering a new technology that you know will have positive effects on your organization is a great feeling. However, the task of getting internal decision makers on board can be a heavy lift. While the value may be obvious to you and your department, appealing to the higher-level decision makers requires presenting your find in a way that matters to executives.

Here’s how to talk about Solstice to get internal buy-in from your organization’s decision makers.

1. Super Easy to Use.

Solstice is incredibly easy to use. Mersive employs a human-centered design approach in everything we develop. From the core user experience to the creation of new product features, everything must be easy to use and bring real value to the end user. Our “What You See is What You Get” approach makes using Solstice intuitive and enjoyable from the very first use.

This means fewer tickets for your IT team, faster meeting startup, and increased participation during the meeting – all driving to increased meeting productivity and meeting space ROI.

2. Award-winning Wireless Collaboration.

Mersive Solstice allows for better, more productive meetings that drive an increase in business innovation. Solstice enables any number of meeting participants to share any amount of content to a display at the same time. It also works well with existing meeting space technologies, including displays, networks, and devices enhancing the value of current AV/IT equipment to group interactions. This convergence of content sharing and discussion during meetings helps teams work better together and come to decisions quicker; therefore, increasing the speed of innovation within the organization.

3. Insights on How to Best Use Meeting Spaces.

Solstice Cloud, Mersive’s cloud-based meeting room monitoring and analytics tool, enables organizations to gain insights into their Solstice deployments. Solstice Cloud gives you insights into how your company uses its meeting spaces through granular data, which can help inform your decisions about how to equip your meeting spaces best to boost productivity and utilization. In fact, Solstice Cloud has found that meetings that take place in huddle spaces are more efficient and produce better results than meetings that take place in traditional conference rooms. We’ve found that meetings in huddle spaces are 34% shorter, and 22% more content is shared than meetings held in conference rooms.

4. Highest Levels of Data Security.

One of the biggest hurdles in maintaining network security is creating an inclusive environment for guests in your meeting spaces. Solstice makes this easy with the ability to attach the Solstice Pod to two different networks while maintaining security and separation. You can attach your Pod over Ethernet to your corporate network, then attach it to your guest Wi-Fi network. These connections are entirely separate from one another and don’t allow any traffic to traverse between them. This feature gives corporate and guest users the same experience of being able to collaborate meaningfully with Solstice without compromising network security. Solstice includes additional security measures including 802.1x support, twice-annual penetration testing, and certificates for secure interactions over HTTPS. Furthermore, all commands that are sent to the Solstice Pod must pass through a strict command whitelist algorithm that detects and eliminates any command that embeds additional or unknown payloads.

While selling-in a new technology to the enterprise is never easy, framing your pitch around your decision makers’ priorities will help make the value of Solstice clear and undeniable.

To learn more about Solstice features and enter to win a YETI cooler, please visit our #SummerofSolstice page.

About Mersive
Mersive Technologies is an award-winning wireless collaboration software company that facilitates productive and engaging meetings, conferences, and classes by providing intuitive wireless content sharing solutions that enable any number of participants to share content from virtually any device to any meeting room display. Trusted by more than 6,000 corporations and higher education institutions including many of the top Fortune 100 companies, Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado with offices and customers around the world. To learn more, check out The Mersive Advantage.

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