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How to Sell Your Decision Makers on Wireless Collaboration

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Everyone knows once you can get your decision makers on board with a new product roll out, adoption becomes much more effective from the top down. There are a few key factors that will help get those decision makers on board with wireless collaboration.

1. Easy Easy to Use

Wireless collaboration provides an experience that is very easy to pick up and master for new users. From the first connection to more advanced capabilities, the user reaction ranges from “that was easy” to “wow”. By removing the complexity of sharing, users are eager and excited to share content when a room is enabled with an enterprise wireless collaboration platform like the Solstice Pod. The interface is hassle-free and connecting and sharing is straightforward and reliable.

This means less tickets for your IT team, and faster meetings with greater value; all things that make getting your decision makers on board as effortless as sharing content with Solstice.

2. Changing Meeting Culture

Gone are the days of a single talking head in every meeting. Instead, utilizing the right wireless collaboration solution provides a dynamic, collaborative meeting environment where participants have equal power to share ideas and be heard. This change can have a ripple effect across your organization causing a shift in thinking that can reap benefits well beyond the meeting room.

Changing your organization’s meetings from those that attendees dread to those where all attendees are equal participants increases meeting productivity for all parties involved.

3. Guest Access and Security

One of the biggest hurdles for decision makers is how to create an inclusive environment for guests in meeting spaces while maintaining IT security. The right collaboration tool will make this easy by allowing users on your guest networks to connect and share just like any other user in your organization, enabling them to participate as an internal attendee would without jeopardizing network security.

4. Easily Identifiable ROI

ROI is king – especially with decision makers. If you’re wondering how you can truly measure the impact and ROI of deploying wireless collaboration tools, it’s essential to get a platform that provides actionable insights and analytics into how your meetings spaces are being used. These analytics can give you a greater understanding of how your company utilizes its meeting spaces through granular data, which can help inform decision makers how to best equip your meeting areas to boost productivity and utilization.

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