Digital Signage is becoming more prevalent as it allows for dynamic and interactive content to be displayed in real-time. This technology can be used to educate customers and employees, promote products and services, and streamline communications. In this blog post, we will be discussing new and creative ways to use digital signage in retail, education, and office spaces, to improve customer engagement, increase brand awareness and streamline internal communications. From interactive kiosks to digital billboards, the possibilities are endless and we will explore how businesses can take advantage of this technology to enhance the customer and employee experience.

How to Utilize Digital Signage in Retail

As a retail store manager or owner, you need the advanced advertising capabilities of digital signage software to stay competitive in today’s market. Digital signage allows for more efficient presentation, promotion, and movement of retail advertising. Studies show that more than 68% of Americans have purchased a product or service based on a sign, making it a powerful tool for boosting sales. By increasing customer volume, improving customer experience, and increasing satisfaction, digital signage can help your retail business to thrive.

digital signage in retail

There are several ways your retail business can utilize digital signage, such as displaying:

  • Promotions: Digital signage is a valuable tool for promoting products, services, events, and sales in retail stores. With digital signage, retailers can use videos, animations, and rotating graphics to create multimedia displays that integrate seamlessly and stay up to date with their promotional content.
  • Service Offerings: Highlight your business’s service offerings in a unique and visually striking way. This allows potential customers to easily see what your business has to offer and can help to increase visibility and drive sales.
  • Personalize Sales Conversations: Instead of just using advertising, businesses can use digital signage to inform, entertain and inspire customers through content such as famous quotes.
  • Social Media: Display social media content, such as customer reviews or mentions, on digital signage screens in the store. Use social media to drive customers to specific products or promotions by displaying a unique hashtag or handle on the digital signage. Encourage customers to share their experience in the store on social media by displaying social media handles or QR codes on the digital signage. Create interactive campaigns using social media and digital signage, such as allowing customers to vote for their favorite product using a hashtag or handle displayed on digital signage. Use social media data to personalize digital signage content for each customer, showing them products they are interested in or similar to what they have bought before. Create social media contests with digital signage as the medium of participation.


How to Utilize Digital Signage in Education

According to research by Digital Signage Today, over 97% of students prefer to receive information through digital channels rather than traditional, non-digital sources. Given those students often ignore messages posted on traditional noticeboards, digital signage is a highly effective way to communicate with them. By displaying notices and updates on digital monitors, educational institutions can increase the likelihood that students will read and engage with the information being presented.

Carousel Digital Signage in education space

There are several ways that educational spaces can utilize digital signage, such as:

  • Huddle Spaces: Digital screens no longer have to be limited to simply displaying information on your wall space. With interactive digital signage, users can actively engage with the screen by creating a collaborative space for students or faculty to share their content.
  • Way-finding: Gone are the days when the only option for navigating a large building was through the use of static and non-interactive maps. With the advancement of digital signage technology, the possibilities for displaying wayfinding information are endless.
  • Event Schedules or Class Schedules: Display calendars and share events with visitors within your space. Keep students and faculty informed about daily or monthly activities, saving time and resources on other outreach efforts. Display class and event schedules in real time, keeping everyone informed and on schedule.
  • Emergency Messaging: When faced with an emergency, it’s crucial to quickly notify all students, faculty, and staff. Digital signage allows for the creation of a comprehensive emergency communication plan, enabling the rapid dissemination of information to multiple screens throughout the space. This ensures that everyone is informed and aware of the situation, allowing for a prompt and effective response.
  • Showcasing student work and achievements: Display students’ artwork, academic achievements, and other accomplishments on screens throughout the space. Encourage students to strive for excellence and create a sense of pride and community among students. Allow visitors to see the talent and hard work of students and provide an easy way to share their achievements with parents and family which can be used to help in the recruitment of new students.


How to Utilize Digital Signage in Office Spaces

Solstice Integration used in meeting room

More and more companies use digital technology to communicate with employees and partners and share messages with potential clients. Furthermore, over half of the companies surveyed by Digital Signage Today already use digital signage plans to expand their network and utilize them within the next two years. Even as your business shifts to going back to the office, digital signage can support the return to the office and so much more. Some of the ways that your office space can utilize digital signage include:

  • Announcements: Instead of relying on traditional methods such as emails or memos, companies can use digital signage to display updates, recognition, and other important information. This can be more effective as visually engaging content is more likely to catch people’s attention than text-heavy materials.
  • Employee Recognition: Alongside verbal recognition, companies can also share employee recognition through digital screens located in employee areas such as lounges and break rooms. This system not only improves communication and morale but also provides a fast and efficient way to acknowledge employee achievements.
  • News or Weather Update: Integrate the online world into your physical space by synchronizing social media accounts or news updates in real time. This keeps your audience informed and gives them access to information without having to leave the premises.
  • Calendars: Provide a monthly calendar that displays achievements, events, birthdays, and anniversaries, it can foster teamwork and improve company culture even when not using the technology for content sharing.
  • Aiding in Employee Transition: As employees return to the office, digital signage can be used to provide important information and instructions on changes to the office environment, such as new health and safety protocols.

As companies begin to upgrade their office environments with digital technology, digital signage can play an important role in improving communication and building a thriving environment.

Ready to Upgrade your Enterprise with Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance the customer experience, communicate important information, and promote products and services. With the right strategy and implementation, it can have a significant impact on your business. Whether you’re looking to increase foot traffic, boost sales, or improve communication with employees, digital signage can help you achieve your goals. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your customer experience, it’s time to consider investing in digital signage.

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