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How Mersive is Advancing Touchless Collaboration

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With COVID numbers on the rise again in the U.S. and throughout many countries around the world, the focus on safe meeting spaces remains top of mind for IT and technology administrators, decision-makers, AV integrators, and end-users alike. As we’ve explored in previous posts, touchless AV plays an important role in enabling safe meeting and learning spaces, socially-distanced collaboration, and hybrid workplace and classroom models.

While no one could have seen the pandemic coming, Mersive’s relentless focus on the user experience and our mission to facilitate smarter collaboration – through affordable, intuitive, software-based solutions – has led us to deliver touchless solutions when they are needed the most. Through our user-device-driven architecture, we provide touchless meeting and learning space collaboration solutions that enable content sharing, control, and markup; video conferencing support; power management; deployment management; workplace analytics, and more.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the touchless collaboration solutions Mersive offers as part of its product suite, including our newest occupancy-based display power management feature.

How Mersive is Advancing Touchless Collaboration

Mersive’s touchless meeting space solutions

Mersive Solstice provides completely touchless meeting and learning space collaboration solutions. With Solstice, users don’t need to physically engage with the room technology, but rather they bring the room control with them on their own personal devices. Meeting-goers can join video conferences, share and control content, and more, all from the devices they are the most familiar with – their own.

Our touchless meeting and learning space solutions include:

Touchless Collaboration

Solstice, Mersive’s teamspace collaboration platform, enables wireless collaboration and content-sharing through any device, including user laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Users can use the Solstice app, or can share through multiple app-free methods, including Miracast, Airplay, and browser sharing.

The Solstice app allows for dynamic content layout control through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to arrange content on the screen, dock and hide content for later use, enable moderator mode for more secure Solstice collaboration sessions, and more. Another feature of the Solstice app, Solstice Ink can be used to wirelessly highlight and markup content through the use of a smartphone, avoiding the use of shared laser pointers or other shared annotation devices.

Using the Solstice app on a smartphone allows collaborators to use Solstice Ink, which can be used to wirelessly highlight and markup content through.

Unlimited multi-participant content-sharing facilitates more engaging and productive collaboration, and with everyone using their own device, participants can spread out throughout the space for socially-distanced collaboration.

Touchless Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) Conferencing

Touchless video conferencing support through Solstice Conference leverages the laptops users bring into the room, along with their video conferencing services of choice, to create a touchless meeting room experience that supports hybrid workplace and classroom environments. By leveraging the user’s laptop, users avoid using shared touch panels or room controls to initiate and run meetings. Solstice also wirelessly connects the room A/V devices to the meeting host’s laptop.

New! Occupancy-Based Power Management

Mersive’s room occupancy detection allows organizations to turn Solstice into an integrated room occupancy sensor through the use of a connected USB camera. Room occupancy detection allows administrators to track how employees are using meeting spaces, gauge room density, and ensure employees are compliant with their company’s maximum occupancy guidelines for safe meeting spaces.

New in Solstice 5.1, Mersive built upon its powerful room occupancy detection to develop an automated, touchless display power management capability. While scheduled display power management settings have always been available through Solstice, administrators now have the option to set up room occupancy-based display power management. This capability allows admins to leverage the occupancy detection feature mentioned above to automatically sleep or wake the room display when employees enter and exit the meeting room.

Beyond providing a touchless meeting room experience that is easy to use, occupancy detection capabilities support smart room automation through software capabilities that take advantage of existing room technology. Occupancy-based display power management is the first of many features and analytics that Mersive will be launching over the next several months as part of our Workplace Wellness initiative. Stay tuned for more to come in this area.

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Touchless Support for Overflow Rooms

Solstice Active Learning provides software-based video routing for multi-screen environments, enabling support for overflow spaces, divisible rooms, and socially distanced active learning. Room design and active video-routing are handled through the Solstice Active Learning app on the user’s own device, providing both touchless set-up and on-demand video routing.

Remote Cloud Management & Analytics

Solstice Cloud Management allows administrators to remotely monitor and manage their Solstice deployment from anywhere, while robust analytics enable administrators and decision-makers to better understand and manage the return to work/school. Data-driven insights can help admins understand which meeting spaces are being utilized, what spaces have issues with surpassing maximum occupancy limits, and how many meetings include remote participants – in addition to other important insights.

Mersive’s flexible software-based collaboration platform enables IT and technology administrators to implement touchless AV solutions that best fit their workplace or classroom needs. Our software-based architecture also allows us to continually roll out updates, new capabilities, and additional analytics. For more information on our newest updates, visit our What’s New page.

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