The average employee spends 30-50% of their time in meetings. Technology should help make them more productive but any solution that requires plugging in a dongle can create awkward pauses or limit content sharing. In a workplace full of wireless devices, why would anyone need to plug in a special adapter to share to a meeting room display?

Don’t just trade one connector for another.

Seeing double? See why plugging in wireless dongles creates a similar user experience as plugging in a cable.

Dongles can disappear.

Dongles get removed from their rooms accidentally or otherwise. When they do, they are expensive to replace.

Fumbling is no fun.

Wrestling with a dongle that doesn’t fit your device can be frustrating and awkward.

Dongle passing can be distracting.

Passing the dongle from presenter to presenter can distract from productive dialogues and collaborations.

Mersive Solstice is the most powerful, interactive meeting space platform available. Solstice allows any number of users to share any amount of content wirelessly from laptops and mobile devices to the room display, no dongles or adapters required. Users can participate by either downloading the Solstice app or utilizing native streaming protocols such as Apple AirPlay.

Moreover, Solstice goes beyond industry-leading collaboration by offering value-add platform features to maximize ROI of meeting spaces. Room calendar integration, digital signage playback, centralized monitoring and management, and meeting analytics are all part of the Solstice package.

And best of all, Solstice is fully secure and enterprise ready.