Solstice in the Classroom – Part 2- Enriching Lesson Content

Solstice Supports Multimedia Content Sharing to Enhance Learning Experience

In this video, Mersive Founder & CTO Christopher Jaynes demonstrates how Solstice allows educators to share multimedia content in conjunction with traditional lecture slides which enhances the student learning experience.

The traditional classroom setting is often completely serialized by PowerPoint presentations that do not fully support many media types that enrich a learning session. Under these circumstances, instructors will either ignore content that is not easily accessible from a slide or waste precious time switching between different media sources. Additionally, sharing richer content elevates the overall discussion as primary sources regardless of the media source can be used as a reference during a discussion.

Enrich Lesson Content

To create a more free-form and dynamic presentation, Solstice enables teachers to share content from various sources in addition to PowerPoint slides – such as desktop video, web browsers, spreadsheets, PDF’s, and many more. Solstice also allows for students to connect to the display and share content from their personal devices (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android), which drives student engagement.

Stage Content Prior to the Lecture

Solstice also gives instructors the ability to place lecture content in the dock area prior to a lecture, which allows for more time for discussion and less time searching for & opening content. This aids educators in capturing student attention with interactive content and thus driving student engagement.

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