Make your meetings better with wireless collaboration.

The video cable no longer needs to define your meetings. Transform your meetings from serialized, hard to start, disengaged presentations to parallel, highly engaged, group sessions that are far more productive.

To get there, the right wireless collaboration solution has be to selected by balancing a set of important needs.

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Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Users must find the solution easy and even fun to use, simple to get started but flexible enough to support even complex collaborative interaction. Technology should be nearly transparent and deliver a consistent experience for every user. When products 'get out of the way' your teams can get to doing what they do best – having productive meetings and getting things done.



Just because a product is easy to use doesn’t mean you should give up anything when it comes to performance and capabilities. Anyone should be able to share their high-resolution devices at 30 fps to your display, and everyone should be able to connect and participate equally. You don’t limit your conference calls to four speakers at a time, so why would content sharing be any different?

Wireless Security


Any wireless solution needs to take security seriously. This includes enterprise-grade encryption, the ability to support secure collaboration between guests and enterprise users, robust password protection enforcement, and comprehensive logging and alerting capabilities.

Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management and Features

 The deployment of a wireless sharing solution isn’t limited to a single room – neither should your  control and management capabilities. When wireless displays become enterprise infrastructure, centralized management is a fundamental requirement.

Other important enterprise capabilities include  Quality of Service (QoS) support, monitoring capabilities, a flexible set of deployment options that support a range of workspace types, integration support with other systems, and even analytics and measurement tools.

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What else should I know?
And how can I try Solstice?

Pod vs Software Form Factors

The Solstice Pod offers a turnkey hardware solution with Solstice Windows Software available as a software only solution when an in-room PC exists. The biggest advantages of the Solstice Pod are robust network capabilities delivered via the Pod dual network interface cards and the inclusion of hardware at no additional cost.  All information about the Pod’s hardware, I/O, network requirements, and security features can be found in the Spec and Reference Material document.  

Demo Units and Software Trials Avaialble

Free 30-day demos of both the Solstice Pod and Solstice Windows Software are available from Mersive. 

The Solstice Dashboard

The Solstice Dashboard provides centralized management and control of your entire Solstice deployment.  We have a demo version of the software that allows you to load simulated endpoints into the tool to experiment with the features and capabilities before you have any Solstice instances on your network.  For information on installing and using this demo, please see the Dashboard Demo Guide.

Other Deployment Tools – Solstice Discovery Service, API, and Kepler

In addition the Dashboard, Mersive provides additional tools to support deployments of all sizes, including the Solstice Discovery Service (SDS), the OpenControl API, and Solstice Kepler (coming soon). Check out their product pages to learn more.


Case Studies

Check out how Solstice can transform your classrooms by driving student engagement through the use of wireless content sharing.


Interested in learning more about how Solstice can be leveraged in your space?
Check out some case studies:

Finding the right collaboration solution for your room often means balancing several competing demands.  Solstice makes it easy by providing unlimited connections, industry-leading security, and enterprise-ready features at an every-room price point.  But don’t take our word for it!  Explore the features, capabilities, and use cases of Solstice below, or try our Pod for 30 days – for free!

Government Case Study

Read the AUSA case study to learn how Solstice was integrated into everything from the informal reception area to conference rooms and large presentation halls. 

Education Case Studies

If you’re more interested in education-oriented use cases, check out the University of Warwick video or watch this talk from Broward College on the many benefits of Solstice, in and out of the classroom.

Corporate Case Study

 Until a few years ago, Voya Financial’s primary collaboration solutions were extremely analog. Read the Voya story to see how Mersive Solstice Pods have revolutionized how the nationwide company collaborates.