ISE 2019

Mersive invites you to join us Tuesday, April 2nd from 10 AM - 1 PM in Denver, CO, for a live overview and technology demo of our award-winning products Solstice and Kepler. The discussion will be led by Founder & CTO, Christopher Jaynes, Ph.D.

Recently announced, Solstice 4.0 and the Gen3 Pod provide the industry’s most flexible, powerful meeting space platform, providing intuitive wireless collaboration for a broad range of room configurations and meeting needs. Mersive has made Solstice not only easy to use but also easy to manage with enterprise-ready security measures, centralized monitoring / management, and room analytics. Released last quarter, Kepler is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics tool that provides the insights needed to optimize the productivity and ROI of Solstice-enabled meeting spaces.

Get A Free Solstice Gen3 Pod!

This exclusive event will take place at Thrive Workplace Ballpark in Denver. Lunch will be provided, and the first 25 registered attendees will receive a free Solstice Gen3 Pod.

Event Details

Date: April 2, 2019
Time: 10am-1pm MST


Thrive Workplace Ballpark
Training Room
1415 Park Avenue West,
Denver, CO 80205


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