Mersive Solstice

iOS YouTube App Streaming with Solstice

Feature Overview

IOS users can now share videos from the iOS YouTube app to a Solstice display by mirroring their device screen via AirPlay.

Videos shared via the iOS YouTube app stream directly to the Solstice Pod from the internet (not through the iOS user device), reducing network bandwidth and increasing performance.

Videos automatically play at full resolution on the Solstice-enabled display, improving the user experience.

Specs and Requirements

  • Available for all Solstice Pods and Windows Display Software instances version 3.4 and later.
  • Pods and Windows host PCs must have internet access to support iOS YouTube app streaming.
  • If the Solstice endpoints don’t have internet access, iOS users can still stream YouTube videos via AirPlay from (instead of via the iOS YouTube app).
  • Requires Apple Bonjour protocol — iOS YouTube app streaming not supported by the Solstice AirPlay Discovery Proxy.

How to Stream Videos from the iOS YouTube App

  1. Ensure the iOS device is on the Solstice host network.
  2. Enable iOS mirroring between the user devices and the Pod via AirPlay.
  3. Open the YouTube app on the iOS device.
  4. Find the video you’d like to stream and tap the play icon.
  5. The video will automatically begin streaming to the Solstice display.