Using Solstice Conference

Bring Your Own Meeting: A Smarter Approach to Room Conferencing

Solstice is a new class of Bring-Your-Own-Meeting   (BYOM) room system that offers smarter room conferencing support. By wirelessly connecting users’ laptops to the room technology, Solstice delivers agnostic room conferencing support that is incredibly easy to use and more collaborative than traditional conferencing.

How is Solstice Different from Conventional Webex Rooms?

How to Use Solstice with Cisco Webex

How to Use Solstice with Webex

  1. One Step Meeting Start
  2. On their own laptops, meeting hosts simply enter a 4-digit PIN and Solstice automatically starts the scheduled Webex meeting.

  3. Wirelessly Connect to the Room Technology
  4. When the meeting starts, Solstice automatically connects the room display, camera, and audio to the host’s laptop running the Webex meeting.

  5. Enhance Conferencing with Rich Content
  6. Multiple users can share, arrange, and markup content simultaneously, boosting meeting engagement and collaboration.

Why Solstice over Other Webex by Cisco

Better Collaboration

Solstice’s dynamic, multi-presenter collaboration with no content limits boosts meeting productivity and engagement.

No Vendor Lock-in

Solstice has a more flexible system architecture that supports all major conferencing services, including Webex, Teams, and Zoom.

No Shared Room Consoles

No Shared Room Consoles

User laptops, tablets, and smartphones drive the meeting, eliminating the need for high contact touch points such as shared room consoles.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With lower upfront and subscription costs, Solstice has a lower total cost of ownership than other Webex rooms while offering greater flexibility.

Reduced Start-up Times

Solstice enables a one-step meeting start to significantly reduce the time and complexity needed to get a web conference started.

Insights into Workplace Collaboration

Gain insights into room utilization and conferencing analytics to better understand users’ needs and inform workplace strategy.

How to Get Solstice

Solstice collaboration software runs on the Solstice Pod I/O hub to deliver new levels of collaboration in meeting and learning spaces. The Solstice Conference capability is available on every Gen3 Solstice Pod with a current Solstice Subscription.

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Solstice Works with Webex

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