How Smart is Your Conference Room?

Here are 5 things you should know about smart conference rooms.

Make it easy to connect.

Productivity is dependent on using time effectively, so it is important that time-wasting barriers are removed in your smart conference room. Making it easy to connect a laptop or mobile device to start sharing content on a display will not only save you a lot of time, but will make for a more engaging meeting for everyone involved. The video cable is too restricting as far as inputs and wastes precious time because it has to be passed around from person to person. To have a truly ‘smart’ conference room, consider allowing multiple devices to connect instantly and share content to the display.

Visual information is most valuable when shared on multiple screens.

In terms of a smart conference room, sharing from multiple devices simultaneously is just the beginning. Utilize all the screens you have in your conference room, including all displays and devices that are sharing content. Ideally all shared content would be visible on devices as well as on the display, creating context between content being shared from each device and what is visible on the larger display(s).

Incorporate smart phones and tablets as input devices.

Utilizing the device(s) people are most comfortable with is a driving factor behind BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The problem is that most conference room systems out there do not offer the ability to use smart phones and tablets as input devices, let alone doing so securely. Allowing for the use of these devices saves time, there’s no need for on-the-spot learning of a new OS, for example. Utilizing mobile devices people use on a regular basis also leverages the content available on those devices, which can be quite substantial if that person uses one device for everything.

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Have a defined hierarchy for security and access control.

We already know that engagement and productivity will increase by allowing multiple devices to share to multiple pieces of content on a display, but what about making what is shared is manageable and secure? This is vitally important as any IT Manager would tell you. Basically if any technology solution does not meet your IT security standards, chances are it won’t be deployed – no matter how cool the technology is! For this reason it is important to seek out smart conference room technologies that have access controls in place, especially for shared content on-screen. Also, it is important for security protocols to be met by making sure shared content is encrypted and that only those individuals who are supposed to be in the meeting have access to what is being shared.

Don’t forget the basics.

Video and audio are used frequently in meetings, so it’s worth investing in audio/video/VTC solutions that meet the needs of your smart conference room. The right solutions for a particular room can depend on a number of factors including the number of chairs in the room, the size of the room, the orientation of tables/chairs, etc. As far as content sharing, Solstice Multi-Room offers some interesting solutions for putting content on par with audio/video in the conference room.

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