Huddle Room Technology for the Modern Meeting

Content sharing is proving to be increasingly important in modern meeting spaces as a more collaborative workforce demands the technology solutions to support their meetings. Huddle room technology solution providers must now take into account that workers who have meetings locally and remotely regularly share content. Based on white paper by Wainhouse Research, 60% of those who responded, did so for each meeting type. This demand will likely continue to increase as the majority (56%) in this survey responded that they wanted more content sharing in huddle spaces.

So what does this mean for technologies role in meetings, now and in the future?

Facilitating content sharing will become the standard, where there will be a shift towards making meetings more collaborative. Traditional technology barriers such as the single video cable to the display will become a thing of the past. Instead, there will be a focus on multi-source content where people can share their content in an ad-hoc manner.

The use of all devices as sources of content in a meeting, from a Windows PC to an iPhone, is already becoming the norm – and will continue to be. The term BYOD has become commonplace as people prefer to use the devices in the workplace that they are most comfortable with. With this comes the challenge of IT managing content sharing from all types of devices and operating systems. For this reason, huddle room technology should be built to live on the network securely, with a focus on ease of use for users who are sharing content as well as IT manageability.

Huddle rooms are becoming more popular as meeting spaces are designed to be more collaborative to keep up with the changes in workplace behavior and culture. With this shift comes the necessary considerations meeting technology solutions providers must make in order to maximize the effectiveness of these spaces, namely to increase meeting productivity and effectiveness. This creates an opportunity for companies to create, and also invest in, solutions to help fill this void and give people the content sharing tools they are asking for to make them more successful.

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