Huddle Technology

There’s a reason so many teams still use sticky-notes on a board. You can move them, group them, take them down and put them back up to organize your ideas and reach data-driven conclusions without any systematic impediments.

Why would you expect anything less from your collaboration software?

Don’t settle for a solution that locks you into the virtual equivalent of sharing a single, static sticky-note at a time that disintegrates if you take it off the board.
Solstice lets you share unlimited posts and group, stack, hide, and resize them through an intuitive WYSIWYG that looks the same on every user device.

Huddle Room Technology has Evolved Far Beyond a Simple Whiteboard.

Today, an increasingly agile and dynamic workforce demands technology-enabled collaboration spaces to efficiently work together and solve problems.

Gone are the days of 60-minute presentation-style meetings that must be conducted in conference rooms. Huddle spaces allow small groups of people to work through problems and challenges together by democratizing the display and encouraging complete engagement from every participant.  Whether you need to see spreadsheets from two people side-by-side and use them to build a slide deck or are reviewing a design in a 3D CAD program, Solstice enables effortless, spontaneous collaboration.  

Huddle Room Technology

Increase Productivity Through Simplicity

Solstice lets any user, on any device, quickly join a collaboration session
on a shared display without cables, dongles, or switching WiFi networks.

Corporate Enterprises


Use the free app to share specific files, or mirror your screen using AirPlay or Android mirroring.

Higher Education

Stop Handwaving, Start Showing

Share unlimited media files, app windows, or your desktop with synchronous audio to support your story and give context.


Complete Control

Beyond just sharing content, manipulate posts on-screen and change the layout of the display.

The best huddle room technology is one you use so instinctively that you forget it’s even there. The Solstice app lets you quickly find an available space and connect to the display in seconds.  The Solstice experience was intentionally designed to mimic how people traditionally use paper documents in meetings.  Every user is allowed to move and stack shared content on the display completely free-form via the intuitive WYSIWYG interface on their own devices.  

Awesome for Users.
Awesome for IT Pros.

Solstice is more than just a way to ‘cut the cord’ in your huddle rooms – it was designed to seamlessly deploy on even the most complex and security-conscious networks.  The Solstice Pod features two separate Network Interface Cards (NICs) with distinct routing tables, allowing it to securely attach to a wired enterprise network and wireless guest network simultaneously.  This enables collaboration between users with different network permissions without compromising the security of either network or creating wireless interference by generating a WiFi island.  Enterprise edition licenses allow Solstice endpoints to be centrally managed, monitored, and updated via the Solstice Dashboard, making life easier for the IT team.

Same Experience.
Smaller Spaces.

Huddle spaces are ideal for facilitating a focused collaboration session for 2-4 people, and we have a Pod to match. The SGE Pod lets up to 4 participants simultaneously share unlimited content to the screen, offering the full Solstice experience at an even lower price-point.