Solstice in the Classroom – Part 1 – Improving Student Engagement

In this video, Mersive Founder & CTO Christopher Jaynes demonstrates how Solstice’s Moderator Mode provides educators with new teaching models that improve student engagement.

Solstice Gives Instructors the Means to Improve Student Engagement

The conventional student engagement model has become a disruptive event as traditional content sharing methods cause interruptions, which upsets the flow of information. Another negative byproduct of this orthodox pedagogy is that it could actually discourage students from participating in class, as the instructor may be less inclined to call on students with raised hands.

New Classroom Learning Models Made Possible by Solstice

Solstice provides instructors with new content sharing methods that eliminate the disruptions associated with the conventional student engagement model. Solstice’s Moderator Mode allows students to share content during the session without interruption, meanwhile the instructor will receive a thumbnail preview notification. The instructor can then decide to approve or reject the shared content during a pause or break in the lecture before posting to the display. This improves student engagement as students can share content ad-hoc without the worry of disrupting the lecture in progress.

Utilize multiple content sources to create deeper understanding of learning material

Another way Solstice improves student engagement is by allowing students to not only share multiple content sources, but to share a wide range of content sources simultaneously. Shared content in classrooms today goes well beyond sharing an encyclopedia entry or scholarly article. Solstice gives students a deeper understanding of learning material by letting them collaborate using richer content sources with their classmates, such as incorporating video and web content from multiple sources.

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