Get the most out of Solstice by leveraging VTC integration and the OpenControl API.

We know that Solstice may not be the only technology in your rooms.

Solstice was built to leverage and enhance your existing network, video and teleconferencing, and room control infrastructure.



VTC Integration

Video and audio conferencing have always been dynamic and multi-threaded.  When you want to contribute to the conversation on a conference call with a few colleagues, you simply speak – there is no laborious context switching. Content conferencing has not had it so easy.  Changing who gets to share content with the group typically involves the virtual equivalent of asking for the display cable – users have to request permission from the current presenter, and then may share their screen only after the previous user is no longer sharing theirs.  Solstice finally brings content conferencing on par with video and audio by providing a dynamic, multi-threaded experience that lets any user contextualize a statement with a supporting document as easily as they can speak up on a call. 

OpenControl API

Solstice has an API that exposes much of the same functionality as the Solstice Dashboard in a way that can be integrated into a larger system and room management strategy.  OpenControl is a RESTful API, so any device, using any language that can issue HTTP GET and POST commands to the appropriate URLs of the Solstice host, can be integrated into a Solstice deployment. 

For a complete list of commands and several Python examples, please see our OpenControl API documentation.

Having an open API allows for the development of custom apps and use cases that integrate with Solstice.  You can write a script that emails you when a Pod becomes unresponsive, dynamically changes the welcome screen background based on what’s on the calendar for the day, or even use an Amazon Echo to control Solstice using Alexa.