Conferencing Services

Solstice seamlessly supports all major conferencing services to provide meeting flexibility without vendor lock-in resulting in a more collaborative meeting experience between on-site and remote participants.

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Microsoft Teams

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Cisco Webex

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Audio/Video Conferencing Devices

Solstice integrates with room audio/video devices to deliver a touchless room system with high quality HD video and crystal clear sound resulting in better collaboration for hybrid meetings.


Room Calendars

Solstice integrates with meeting room calendars to allow users to quickly view upcoming space availability on the meeting room display and launch any scheduled video conference through a touchless one-step start.

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Microsoft 365

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Google Workspace

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Microsoft Exchange


Digital Signage Services

Solstice can stream digital signage feeds to promote communication across any workplace or campus. Digital signage enhances the value of meeting and learning spaces by showing important messages, special instructions, and other communications on the room display in between collaboration sessions.

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Other Solstice Integrations

OpenControl API

Solstice can integrate with your existing infrastructure through a simple RESTful API to provide organizations with greater flexibility and a higher ROI.

4K UHD Displays

Solstice supports streaming content from a 4K device to a 4K display without any loss of resolution, providing users with a high quality experience in meetings and learning sessions.

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Interactive Touch Displays

For meeting spaces or classrooms with touch displays, Solstice can easily integrate to provide an interactive and engaging collaboration experience.