How it Works

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Communicate Critical Information Across your Spaces

Appspace digital signage is a flexible solution for broadcasting critical information across your spaces and can aid in communicating new office protocols, building team morale, campus wayfinding, and more. With Appspace digital signage integrated with Solstice, admins can easily configure displays to showcase compelling content – including images, 4k videos, and live streams – then seamlessly transition to wireless collaboration.

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Easily Add Digital Signage to Any Solstice-Enabled Display

Digital signage playback is included on every Enterprise Edition Solstice Pod with no additional hardware or build-out costs and can easily be enabled through Solstice Cloud or Solstice Dashboard. By integrating Appspace with Solstice, organizations can create collaboration spaces that improve company communications and drive engaging and productive meetings.

Benefits of Using Appspace with Solstice

Optimizes Your Spaces

Easily extend digital signage into meeting spaces and wireless collaboration into signage spaces.

Customizable to Your Organization

Showcase personalized and branded content throughout your spaces using signage templates.

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Easy to Use

With Appspace’s pre-designed HTML templates, you can easily build branded signage feeds.

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Quick to Deploy & Update

Solstice Cloud streamlines the process to configure, manage, and update any number of endpoints.

No Additional Cost or Complexity

Deploy digital signage into your Solstice-enabled spaces without dedicated signage hardware.

Built to Scale

Templates and cloud management allows admins to easily scale from one to thousands of locations across the globe.

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