Carousel Signage

Communicate and collaborate with Solstice and Carousel.
Carousel integration with the Solstice platform extends the reach of digital signage across your organization. With Carousel + Solstice organizations get enterprise signage and collaboration in all of their huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and transitional spaces with no additional hardware or build-out costs required.

Instantly enable digital signage in any Solstice-enabled space.

Solstice gets deployed in various room types — meeting, learning, and common spaces — to enable teams with a complete wireless collaboration solution. These areas are well-trafficked, so organizations oftentimes require digital signage in these spaces as well. Solstice Cloud allows administrators to centrally configure Solstice endpoints, already deployed in these spaces.

Why Digital Signage?

Leverage Carousel digital signage feeds to your Solstice Pods to get more out of your meeting spaces. This integration gives you the ability to show an easy-to-create signage feed on Solstice displays not in active use for wireless collaboration. Solstice displays in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and transitional spaces become digital signage endpoints for communicating company announcements, events, and other valuable information without the need to deploy additional signage hardware.

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Benefits of Using Carousel with Solstice

Optimize your Spaces

Schedule a news feed for your lobby, integrate a calendar for your breakroom, or create a message of your own for all to see in your common areas.

Communicate to All

Deliver urgent, location-specific, visual communications to your teams: wherever they are in your facility. Make sure everyone feels welcomed, informed, and connected in their space.
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Built to Scale

Templates and cloud management allows admins to easily scale messaging from one to thousands of locations across the globe.
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