Solstice software from Mersive allows multiple users to connect simultaneously to shared displays over existing WiFi or Ethernet networks. Solstice display software, available  a licensed product, is run on a Windows computer that is connected to the display. Laptops, tablets and phones running the free Solstice client app can connect, share media and control the display, fostering collaboration and decision-making. Just as important, Solstice is IT friendly and can become an additional tool that allows IT to support, configure and even manage how displays are utilized across the corporate network.


Flexible Software Install: Solstice is enterprise-ready software that can be deployed on the existing network using standard computer hardware. Solstice runs on a Windows 7/8 host PC whose video output is connected to the display (flat panel, projector, etc) in the room. There are two options for deploying Solstice:

  • Software install: Mersive provides computer specs to ensure it meets the minimum requirements.
  • Solstice appliance: The appliance host PC is already setup and configured to run Solstice software.

Flexible Network Setup: Solstice can be combined with a standalone, in-room network router or installed directly on the existing corporate network. For dual-network (guest and corporate access to the same display) support, Solstice traffic can be managed just like any TCP/IP-based application. Contact Mersive and ask about our Network Deployment Guide for detailed configuration options and setup instructions.


Lightweight Bandwidth Utilization: A typical, document-centric meeting will utilize between 3-7Mbps. For example, average network use for a 4-person meeting, streaming multiple applications and 1080p video is approximately 3Mbps with peak utilizations at 7.2Mbps. However, if bandwidth is available, we recommend 50Mbps of bandwidth is provisioned for a Solstice display in order to ensure consistent performance when sharing high-bitrate videos.
Managed as Standard Traffic: Solstice communicates via TCP/IP and utilizes three ports. These ports can be
modified using the centralized dashboard or the configuration panel within the software.
Enterprise Network Support: Solstice works within enterprise networks when a route exists between the client
and the Solstice display host PC.
Flexible Resource Discovery: Clients discover displays in one of three ways, based on configuration:

  • Direct entry of the display host PC IP address.
  • Auto-discovery via broadcast on the local network only.
  • Auto-discovery through the Solstice Directory Service.

Solstice Directory Service is a non-broadcast mechanism that enables users to click-to-connect to Solstice displays across a network. This approach will work on larger switched networks and includes an option that does not require any configuration changes to the enterprise network.

Support and Security

Centralized IT Management: The Solstice Dashboard enables centralized IT management and configuration for all Solstice displays on the network. Modify the configuration of any display on the network to match end-user needs – from one central location.
Integrated License Management: License management supports easy updates, product upgrades and migration of software to a new display host PC.
Secure: Disable end-user access to configuration and password control. Limit the types of media posts users can share to the display.
IT Support Tools: At-a-glance display status for remote support includes number of users connected and bandwidth utilization reports. Check display status and reset displays.
Script Interface and Remote Control: Clear posts from the display, boot users, and restart Solstice remotely through the Solstice OpenControl protocol or the Dashboard interface.