Coming soon! Cloud based monitoring, alerts, and more.

Kepler is in active development and will be available soon. If you would like to stay up to date on progress or would be interested in providing feedback on early looks, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, we’ll keep you in the loop.

Get real-time data on all your meeting rooms. With Solstice Kepler, gain invaluable insight into the usage of your Solstice rooms (both Pod and Windows) and be the first to know if anything needs attention.

Monitoring & Health

Kepler will allow you to monitor the health of your Solstice deployment from anywhere, simply log on to the cloud based service and get realtime status updates, uptime numbers, diagnostic info, and more…

Usage & Analytics

Kepler has graphs and tables to easily visualize and compare the usage statistics of your Solstice displays. You can drill down for detailed information for any particular display or compare usage across different groups.


Want to know immediately if a display has a problem? If someone tries to access the administration panel without proper credentials? Be notified on any configuration change to any display? Kepler can do that.

Configuration Tables

Kepler allows admins to define a template of common configuration settings. You can quickly see if displays match the template and even be alerted if a change is made that causes a display to no longer match
the template.

Scroll through the screenshots below for examples


Count me in!

Please fill out the form and we’ll keep you up to date on progress. You’ll also have the opportunity to get early looks, join exclusive webinars, provide feedback, and even join the beta program.