Solstice Wireless Collaboration Software – Affinity Campaign

Elizabeth Benz

Solstice Wireless Collaboration Software

Present, collaborate, and moderate seamlessly

  • share any type of media (images, video, web content, or apps) from your device to the display in seconds
    • no video cord or memory stick necessary
    • no limit to the amount of content you can share
    • easily organize, enlarge, and move your content on and off-screen
  • inviting others to join is simple
    • free client download (windows xp/6/7, osx, ios, android) available through an ip address on screen, our website, or the apple or android store
  • invite as many (or as few) to join as you want
    • simply set a password or screen key for your session
  • different collaboration modes give you the flexibility to use it however you need it
    • give a presentation in a lecture hall, collaborate with your colleagues. or moderate a discussion in your boardroom

How it works

  1. Fill out the form to download your free trial
  2. Download free app (Windows XP/6/7, OSX, iOS, Android)
  3. Collaborate

Have technical questions? Visit our customer support portal.