Solstice: Wireless Collaboration for Classrooms and Meeting Spaces

Solstice allows multiple users to share content from their devices to a display simultaneously.

Share unlimited images, video, applications, and stream web content from laptops, tablets, or smart phones instantly, regardless of the OS. Solstice eliminates the barriers in conventional meeting spaces to enable more collaborative meetings.

Solstice can be deployed on existing WiFi/ethernet networks, or on dual networks on either side of the firewall. This facilitates a better user experience for users as they will not be required to switch networks in order to access Solstice at different displays, as long as they are deployed on the same network.

The Solstice Dashboard provides IT managers with a tool to configure, monitor, manage, and control all Solstice Pods across the network. This allows for easier large scale deployments and also gives IT managers the ability to perform software updates across the network without any physical setup.  

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Content


Easy to Use

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