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As a valued Mersive customer, we are pleased to invite you to join our exclusive beta program for our newest product initiative, Project W. We are looking for participants who will periodically receive updates on the product’s development and can provide feedback in return.

When ready, we will also offer beta access to a select group.

Please read through the description below and sign up if interested in joining.

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New Product Initiative

This solution aims to tackle the problem of ad-hoc room finding in the post-pandemic workplace.

With the impact of COVID-19, the scheduled and structured use of physical meeting spaces has been heavily disrupted. Meetings are just as necessary as they were prior (arguably even more so), and therefore remain on our calendars. The biggest change is the location of these meetings. Scheduled meetings that previously occurred in a specific conference room or collaboration space have moved to video conference services with the physical locations of attendees being any number of places.

Although some team members are dispersed, in-person collaboration remains very important. As many organizations plan to retain WFH flexibility after the pandemic, the needs of collaboration infrastructure face new challenges. Mersive’s solution focuses on these needs.


The hybrid meeting model – with a mix of remote and on-site attendees – presents a new burden for those that are in the office:

  • I have a lot of meetings today, so I’d like to go into the office but only if it’s not too busy and I’ll have access to spaces that support my meetings.

Proactive Monitoring

Scheduled Software Updates


Mersive is in a unique position to provide a solution to this problem. Our new product initiative will use real time data from Solstice Cloud to allow employees and team members to make informed decisions on the following:

  • Should I go into the office today?
  • If so, which one?
  • Once in the office, which meeting spaces are available that meet my needs?

If you’d like to work with us on this new product initiative or are interested in becoming a beta participant, please sign up below.

Thanks! Product Team at Mersive

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