Rising Startups at DEMO Fall 2012


DEMO Fall 2012 is underway with more than 75 new ideas being pitched in six-minute presentations by startups at the annual event in Silicon Valley.  A sample (6) of the most impressive demonstrations …

Solstice from Mersive is software that allows users to share a single display and throw up windows of  information and video from their own laptops, phones and tablets. Server  software is installed on a PC connected to the shared display and there is  client software for phones, laptops and tablets. Multiple users can then choose  content on their screens and put it onto the shared display – they can choose  just a window on their desktop rather than the whole desktop and then expand it  and shrink it on the shared screen and move other windows around. The ideal use  cases are in education or for collaborative in-person business meetings – the PC  and devices are all on the same local network, with Wi-Fi being used to transmit  the data.