Mersive Solstice

December 2013

2013 Wrap-Up

It has been the busiest year in company history. In 2013, we increased our number of Sol installs, launched Solstice, added many new sales partners, deployed new blue-chip customers and set a new Mersive record for revenue. As the year winds to a close, we wish you all a joyous holiday season and look forward to an even greater 2014.

New Distribution Partner: BTX

In November, Mersive announced a new distribution partnership with BTX. BTX will expand the reach of Mersive’s visual computing software solutions throughout the United States. With more than a 45-year proven track record in the AV and broadcast industry, BTX will help to further expand our reach.

Competitive Update: Solstice vs. AirMedia

Crestron is one of the largest and most respected names in the AV industry. Their AirMedia product is garnering attention as a wireless presentation solution, and many of you are asking us about the differences between AirMedia and Solstice, so we decided to share that information here.One important distinction between Solstice and any of the competitive solutions is that it is a pure software product. When we develop new features and functions, you get those with a simple download. We’ve been releasing important new features at a steady pace and our software roadmap is helping to define the growing wireless collaboration space.Because it’s software, it can also be centrally managed with the Solstice Dashboard, which enables an IT administrator to centrally update all the Solstice displays throughout the entire enterprise. In contrast, a proprietary piece of hardware in a conference room is like an island that is difficult to update or maintain. For example, when the WiFi standards change in 2014 with the introduction of 802.11ac, some hardware solutions may become obsolete, difficult to upgrade, and won’t take advantage of these advances.

In addition, Airmedia can only support a maximum of four simultaneous users and can only display a maximum of four pieces of content at a time. Solstice supports an unlimited number of users and an unlimited number of content posts, as well as five different layout options.

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