Mersive Solstice

July 2014

The second generation of Solstice software was released by Mersive a month ago, setting a new standard for in-room collaboration. New in Solstice 2.0 are an enhanced user interface that makes screen sharing and control more simple and intuitive, as well as support for multi-touch displays and iOS mirroring. To learn more, watch Mersive CTO Christopher Jaynes, Ph.D. demonstrate and explain Solstice 2.0 in this video feature by InAVate or visit

Additional enhancements continue to be released on a regular basis. This week, Mersive released Solstice 2.0.2 which provides a new Solstice Directory Service (SDS) configuration option that allows users to override the default SDS hostname lookups. For users that are unable to create an appropriate DNS entry on their network, the SDS override feature is used to point both displays and clients at an SDS IP address without any configuration required on the enterprise network.

Reminder, the Solstice Dashboard and SDS are additional software downloads used to centrally manage Solstice displays, and are included at no additional cost with each Solstice purchase.

All Solstice clients have also been updated as part of this week’s release. Please note that previous 1.x versions of the display software and clients are not compatible with the new 2.x versions.

Get the Latest Software and Materials

Many updates for Solstice software and supporting materials have been released over the past month. As a reminder, every purchase of Solstice includes one year of bug fixes and updates. Be sure to take advantage of all the improvements by updating to the most recent versions.

Access the latest software downloads and product documentation at

  • Solstice Display Software version 2.0.2
  • Solstice Client Software 2.0 versions (all platforms)
  • Solstice Dashboard version 2.0.2
  • Solstice Directory Service version 2.0.2
  • Solstice 2.0 Reference Guide
  • Solstice 2.0 Dashboard & SDS Reference Guide

Access updated versions of these materials at

  • Solstice Datasheet
  • Solstice FAQNew
  • Whitepaper: Introducing Solstice to the IT Department

Access these Partner-Only Materials from the Partner Support Portal.

  • Solstice 2.0 Top Features
  • Solstice 2.0 and 2.0.2 Release Notes
  • Solstice Troubleshooting FAQ

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