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November 2014

In an effort to improve end-user support for Mersive’s award-winning Solstice software, the Mersive support team has launched an all-new Customer Support Portal. The new portal provides Solstice support documentation that can be accessed by browsing or searching, as well as multiple means of contacting the Mersive support team for personalized assistance, including email, phone and chat.

Mersive’s new Customer Support Portal is an online resource for Mersive customers and other end users of Mersive’s Solstice software. By providing both product documentation and access to support personnel, the new portal enables users to get support in whichever manner they prefer. Mersive’s partners can access partner support – as well as additional partner-only training and sales resources – from the Mersive Partner Portal.

Solstice wireless presentation and collaboration software continues to evolve with 3-4 major releases per year that add significant new features and improvements to the user interface. The new Customer Support Portal ensures customers have efficient access to the latest product information and the Mersive support team when questions and technical issues arise.

To learn more about Solstice, visit or signup for a free 30-day trial.

Mersive Enables Channel Partners with Training and Support

Market adoption of Solstice wireless collaboration software has grown steadily since its launch in March of 2013 due in large part to Mersive’s partner program. The partner program enables resellers to offer Mersive’s award-winning Solstice collaboration software to their customers, and end users have the advantage of purchasing Solstice from the resellers and integrators they already know.

Mersive continues to improve its partner program and further enable Solstice resellers. By expanding support resources and providing ongoing training, Mersive ensures partners have everything they need to effectively demonstrate and sell Solstice.

Partner-only Resources:

  • Solstice Software (Demo/Not-for-Resale Copy)
  • Partner Support Portal & Knowledge Base
  • NEW – Sales Playbook Interactive PDF
  • NEW – Partner Pricing for Solstice
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Sales Support
  • Ongoing Training

Current partners can access new training and support materials in the Partner Support Portal. If you’re interested in becoming a Mersive reseller partner, please visit for more information about Mersive’s partner program, or contact You can also check out the free Mersive-sponsored SCN webinar, ‘Display Software? How do I sell that?’ by clicking here.

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