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October 2016

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New! Solstice Dashboard Training and Demo Software

Mersive is pleased to offer new resources for the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition. The Solstice Dashboard provides your IT team everything they need to monitor, manage, and support all of your Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods and Windows Software endpoints on the enterprise network from one or multiple IT workstations. IT managers can respond to Solstice-related IT helpdesk requests, post room schedules and other messages to the displays, monitor Solstice network activity, customize display welcome screen branding, and much more, providing an all-in-one IT management tool for your Solstice deployment.

To learn more about the Solstice Dashboard, sign up for Solstice Dashboard Training with Mersive CTO, Christopher Jaynes on October 26. Want to try the Dashboard for yourself? Download a free Dashboard demo which allows you to explore all the capabilities of the Solstice Dashboard by managing a virtual deployment of Solstice endpoints. The Solstice Dashboard software is free to download and can be used to manage any number of Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods and Windows Software endpoints on a network. Visit to learn more.

Don’t forget! Update to Solstice Pod version 2.7.2

Mersive recently released the 2.7.2 software update for the Solstice Pod, which includes enhancements that support a broader range of network conditions and improves the handling of HDMI unplug events and Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) signals to the Pod. You can download the new update for your Solstice Pod through the Pod’s Configuration Panel; Enterprise Edition Pods can also be upgraded from the Solstice Dashboard. In order to complete the software update, your Pod(s) must have internet access as well as a current software maintenance plan. For questions about the Solstice Pod version 2.7.2, do not hesitate to contact us.

Solstice Deployment Best Practices

Solstice’s software architecture offers the flexibility and configurability to support deployment across a broad range of environments while also meeting IT security requirements. As a reminder, our support team is always available to help ensure your Solstice deployments are successful. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind when preparing to deploy Solstice:

Tip 1: Configure and test network settings before installation. In order to configure Solstice, you must be able to connect to the Solstice endpoint(s) over a network or via a physical USB mouse plugged into Solstice Pod or Windows host. Therefore, network settings should be configured and tested first, before the units are installed, since physically connecting a mouse after installation may not be feasible. Additionally, be sure the final network settings meet your IT security policies (see Tip 2 below).

Tip 2: Refer to Mersive’s Security and Deployment Resources. Solstice endpoints are network-attached devices and must be configured to meet the requirements of the host enterprise network. Be sure your IT department is involved in the initial network deployment, and refer to the Solstice security and deployment resources below as needed.

Solstice Deployment Quickstart Guide

Solstice Network Deployment Guides

Solstice Baseline Security Standard (BSS)

Tip 3: Have a large deployment coming up? Let us know if we can help. If you inform Mersive in advance of a large deployment, we are happy to stage resources to support you through the deployment phase. Simply send us an email with your deployment schedule, number of units, and any other details you think we should know.

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