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October 2018

What’s been happening at Mersive Technologies.

Read below for information about our latest release including digital signage as well as our latest blog posts and job openings!

Product Updates

Kepler launches

Kepler, a cloud-based software tool that centrally monitors Solstice-enabled meeting rooms, provides powerful analytics on user collaboration and room utilization. These insights will empower organizations to optimize their current meeting spaces for greater usability, productivity, and ROI while also aiding in planning for future meeting spaces.

“Kepler is a significant value-add to Mersive customers in terms of tactical day-to-day management as well as strategic workplace planning. We are already planning new capabilities like advanced analytics, automated insights, and scheduled versus unscheduled meeting metrics to create even more value and ROI,” concluded Christopher Jaynes, Founder & CTO.

Learn all about Kepler at our online training session at 11 AM on Wednesday, November 28. Click here to register.

Learn More About Kepler

Solstice now comes with digital signage with release 3.4

The new release introduces the ability to extend HTML-based signage to Solstice Pods when they are not in active use for wireless collaboration. The 3.4 upgrade also adds support for streaming videos from the iOS YouTube app, as well as other management and network-level improvements. Check out the 3.4 keynote video and the 3.4 release notes to review everything included in the 3.4 updates.

Check out how easy it is to stream YouTube from your iPhone!

The latest from our Founder & CTO, Christopher Jaynes, PhD

Security Through Light: The World’s First Quantum-Secured Video Conference

Security Through Light

My readers will know that I tend to focus on topics related to collaboration, user-interaction, and generally building products that help us work together. You may be surprised to learn that a significant amount of my time is spent thinking about security. As devices become increasingly attached to our enterprise networks – those same devices must be secure, good citizens of the network infrastructure.

Even products that were once considered “standalone”, for example, most AV hardware, are connected to the network for better monitoring, ease-of-use, and pervasive access for users. As an aside, if you are considering deploying an AV technology you should be wary of standalone boxes, and even more wary of AV companies that seem reluctant to discuss network security with your security teams. Continue reading…

The latest from the Mersive Blog

How Effective Meeting Follow-Ups Lead to Fewer Meetings

How Effective Meeting Follow-Ups Lead to Fewer Meetings

Meeting Follow-up If you feel like you’re attending more meetings than usual, you’re not imagining things. These days, workers in America spend more time than ever in meetings. But does that really mean that we’re getting more work done? While meetings are a necessary part of any project or initiative, they can quickly become a waste of time and a drain on productivity when not managed properly. Continue reading…

5 Tips to More Collaborative Meetings

5 Tips to More Collaborative Meetings

It’s no surprise that collaboration is key to driving innovation and organizational success. Done well collaboration can break down silos, spur innovation, and spark new product designs. Done poorly it can turn into nothing more than a time suck leading to overwork and employee burnout.

Harvard Business Review reports that employees spend 50% more of their workday in collaborative activities than they did 20 years ago. Additionally, it’s estimated the distribution of collaborative work is often lopsided with only 3% to 5% of employees driving 20% to 35% of value-added collaborations. Continue reading…

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Mersive is hiring!

We’re growing fast and currently have open positions at Mersive across the business, marketing, and product teams. If you are both a solo problem solver and a collaborative thinker that loves a good challenge, please check out all our open positions and apply.

Some of our open positions include:

Android OS Software Engineer

Engineering Director

Sr. Product Manager

HR Recruiting Specialist

Technical Writer

Inside Sales EMEA

Regional Sales Director- Seattle

Product Marketing Manager

Sr. Software Engineer: C++

Regional Sales Manager- MEA

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