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September 2016

What’s been happening at Mersive Technologies.

On September 7, Mersive will release Solstice version 2.7 and introduce Solstice Enterprise Edition for the Solstice Pod and Windows Software. The 2.7 version of Solstice includes new features and enhancements that make the collaborative experience even more robust and intuitive for users. We are also pleased to announce that Solstice 2.7 will have full iOS 10 support from the initial release of iOS 10 by Apple. Pre-2.7 versions of Solstice will not support iOS 10 mirroring. In order to mirror iOS 10 devices to your Solstice displays, you will be required to upgrade your Solstice Pods and Windows hosts to version 2.7.

The introduction of the Solstice Enterprise Edition represents Mersive’s ongoing commitment to delivering the most enterprise-ready product when it comes to performance, security, deployability, and manageability. The initial version of the Solstice Enterprise Edition will include several exclusive features designed for the enterprise deployment environment and will continue to have its own product roadmap and software upgrade path going forward. Below you can find an overview of the upcoming Solstice 2.7 release and new Solstice Enterprise Edition.

New in Solstice version 2.7 

This latest version of Solstice provides even greater support for iPad and iPhone users, which is a reflection of the overwhelming presence of iOS in meeting and education spaces.

  • Support for multiple simultaneous iOS mirroring posts
  • Broader iOS video file support including .mov files
  • iOS 10 support (scheduled for release by Apple in September)
  • Discovery Search: allow users to search for displays for connection

New – Solstice Enterprise Edition Features and Capabilities

Solstice Enterprise Edition is the result of customer demands for more enterprise management capabilities and features in the Solstice Dashboard.

  • Discovery Tags: allow users to filter displays for connection
  • Full splashscreen customization and branding
  • Support for Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Comprehensive third-party integration API
  • Plus all features included in Solstice version 2.7
  • Coming Soon! Solstice endpoint configuration templates
  • Coming Soon! Over-the-air software update behind the firewall
  • <em “>Coming Soon! RSS feeds to Solstice displays

Both Solstice Enterprise Edition and the 2.7 version will be commercially available for purchase on September 7. Existing customers can access the Solstice 2.7 features and upgrade their existing licenses to Solstice Enterprise Edition via software update with current software maintenance.

Solstice Q&A
What’s the difference between the current version of Solstice and the new Enterprise Edition?

Continued customer demand for additional Solstice Dashboard features and capabilities have resulted in a dedicated version of Solstice for customers who require enhanced centralized management. The current version of Solstice continues to offer a multitude of configuration settings on a one-to-one basis, while the Enterprise Edition offers both expanded functionality and the ability to leverage that functionality on a centralized, one-to-many basis via the Solstice Dashboard.

To learn more and see the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition in action, watch the demo video below with Mersive CTO, Christopher Jaynes.

Mersive CTO, Christopher Jaynes, Demos the Solstice Dashboard

Tell me more about the third-party integration API coming in Solstice Enterprise Edition.

The Solstice OpenControl API supports third-party integration with Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods and Windows Software licenses through a peer-to-peer TCP/IP based protocol. OpenControl allows third-party tools, such as AV room control systems, to read the statuses of Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods and Windows hosts, capture usage statistics, and configure/control the Enterprise Edition endpoints. In short, OpenControl exposes much of the functionality found in the Solstice Dashboard for third-party integration.

More information about the Solstice OpenControl API will be made available at the time of release on September 7, including a full Solstice OpenControl API reference guide in the Mersive Customer Support Portal.

I’m an IT administrator…What IT resources do you provide? How can I learn more about how Solstice will work on my network?

Solstice Pods and Solstice Windows Software hosts are network attached devices that support the wireless sharing of content in conference rooms and other meeting spaces over the IT network. Mersive provides many resources to support IT administrators as they evaluate, deploy, and manage their Solstice endpoints. IT resources available from Mersive include software tools such as the Solstice Dashboard and Solstice Directory Services, documentation including Network Quickstart and full Network Deployment Guides, and our Solstice support team ready to assist on an as-needed basis. Join our next Solstice IT manager training webinar! Learn more and sign up on our website events page.

Have a large deployment coming up? We’re here to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any question or to discuss the network deployment modes available with Solstice.

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