Mersive Expands Support for Hybrid Meeting and Learning Spaces with New Solstice Conference Release

Mersive’s newest software release adds broad support for user laptops and room audio/video peripherals.

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Denver, Colorado | April 29, 2021Mersive Technologies, a leader in wireless content sharing and collaboration solutions, recently announced the relaunch of its Solstice Conference capability. The new version expands market coverage to include broader support for user laptops and audio/video peripherals to bring the Solstice Conference experience to more rooms and users than before. The software release also includes a redesigned user application to improve ease of use and streamline meeting workflows.

Since its release last year, Solstice Conference has provided a true Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) room system that delivers agnostic room support for all laptop-based video conferencing services, a touchless one-step meeting start, wireless connectivity to room audio/video peripherals, and multi-participant content sharing. The newest release, Solstice 5.3, expands upon these capabilities and significantly improves system performance to deliver broader market coverage. Solstice 5.3 uses significantly less network bandwidth and host laptop processing power and offers full support for more laptops, including many laptops with i5 processors, supporting a wider range of users.

With Solstice Conference, Mersive has moved from a purely in-room AV solution to a UC solution that provides full support for remote connectivity. To achieve this, Mersive has partnered with some of the market’s leading conference audio/video manufacturers, including Logitech, Yamaha, Huddly, QSC, Avonic, and more.

“With the emergence of the hybrid workplace and hybrid classrooms, the unification of in-room AV solutions and conferencing systems is more important than ever,” said Rob Balgley, Mersive CEO. “Solstice Conference takes this a step further to deliver a smarter BYOM room system for hybrid meeting and learning spaces – providing a flexible, software-based solution that is cost-effective and easy to scale as customers navigate the dynamic needs of these new hybrid environments.”

A Solstice Conference room consists of a Solstice Pod connected to a room display and A/V peripherals and leverages the conferencing apps running on users’ laptops. Solstice provides touchless, one-step meeting start automation through calendar integration, automatically launching the meeting through the users’ conferencing application of choice – including Zoom, Teams, and Webex. Unlike other BYOM solutions, Solstice provides transparent connectivity to room peripherals, maintaining all existing certifications and functionality to deliver a better experience and more value. Through Mersive’s software-based BYOM approach, Solstice offers the ultimate user choice and flexibility while reducing room cost and complexity.

Solstice Conference is included for one year with every new Solstice Pod and is available after the first year through a Solstice Subscription. The solution is available on Mersive’s Gen3 Solstice Pod hardware platform and can be accessed on existing Gen3 Solstice Pods by installing the Solstice 5.3 software update. To learn more about Solstice Conference and the newest release, visit or contact your AV/IT dealer.

About Mersive Mersive develops software and cloud services that transform meeting and learning spaces. Our solutions increase productivity by allowing any number of users on any device to wirelessly share and manipulate content on displays and seamlessly connect to remote participants using any web conferencing service. Because of our software-centric approach, organizations have access to a steady stream of new features and can centrally manage, analyze, and upgrade deployments of any size for optimum ROI. Mersive is located in Denver, Colorado. To learn more, visit



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