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Latest Version of Mersive’s Flagship Video Display Software Product, Sol, is Now Available

Mersive, a leading provider of visual computing software that creates and manages high performance displays, today announced general availability of Sol IGS 12.02, the newest version of the company’s flagship product.  Since it was first released in 2006, Mersive’s Sol has revolutionized display setup and maintenance by automatically aligning and calibrating multiple projector images within minutes.  A core feature of this latest release is support for Projection Design’s Multi Image Processor WB2560 and WB1920.

Mersive sells several varieties of Sol software to meet the particular needs of a range of customer environments.  Sol IGS automatic calibration for geometric alignment and per-pixel uniformity meets the needs of the world’s most complex displays.  Designed especially for displays running a single application, such as simulation, planetariums and other dedicated displays, Sol IGS supports many surface types, including domes, cylinders and cave-like displays.

Similar to previous versions of Sol Server and Sol Linux, Sol IGS uses a single digital camera to measure geometry and brightness intensity of a multi-projector display.  The software then computes an alignment solution that will produce a seamless image.  Previous versions of Sol Linux delivered that alignment solution to the image generator (IG) via direct integration using the Sol API.  Along with this new name, Sol IGS now supports additional warp/blend solutions that no longer require direct IG integration. In particular, Mersive calibration data can now support Projection Design’s Multi Image Processor WB2560 and WB1920, as well as the newest version of Mersive’s proprietary Harmony warp/blend solution to support projector resolution up to 1920×1200.

“Sol is the core of our business.  We continuously iterate to create new and improved versions of the software that will meet the needs of an ever growing base of customers.  Our superior calibration coupled with Projection Design’s outstanding image quality produce a top notch result for customers,” said Christopher Jaynes, Mersive founder and chief technology officer.

About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of visual computing software that creates and manages high performance displays. By transforming a hardware challenge into a software solution, Mersive brings unprecedented simplicity and affordability to large-scale, beyond-HD displays, allowing visual collaboration to go mainstream. Mersive software automatically aligns multiple commodity projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services. Knowledge workers such as engineers, designers, scientists, and control room operators can now view their visualization applications on large, high-resolution displays for daily team interaction. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit



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