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Mersive and Iluminari Collaborate to Bring Wireless Screen Sharing Capabilities to Quicklaunch

Today Mersive and Iluminari Inc. announce that Mersive has joined the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program (QSPP) to add wireless content sharing to the Quicklaunch meeting collaboration solution. Announced in August, the QSPP provides a unique framework for delivering multiplatform collaboration experiences across customer environments. Through the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program, Mersive Solstice enhances the Quicklaunch experience to provide multiple simultaneous wireless inputs into Quicklaunch meetings, improving user engagement and meeting productivity.

Solstice enables any number of users to simultaneously share content to a room display quickly and easily from their laptops and mobile devices. In this way, Solstice leverages mobile technology to empower the collaborative process in meeting rooms. Meetings start faster, participants are more engaged, and meeting room productivity increases dramatically. As an enterprise-class solution, Solstice also features robust network security and IT management features, as well as a continuous software upgrade path for access to future features and functionality.

Quicklaunch™ is a fully configurable, multi-platform meeting application with a simple user interface that brings appliance-like ease of use to the meeting room with the flexibility and familiarity of collaboration applications. Quicklaunch™ helps ensure a consistent experience across the full enterprise, minimizing the need for user training and IT support.

“Mersive’s partnership with Ilumari reflects market demand for improved meeting productivity driven by simultaneous, unlimited content sharing, regardless of whether those meetings happen in a single room or spread across multiple locations.” said Mersive CEO, Rob Balgley. “We look forward to working with Ilumari to provide expanded collaboration capabilities and better, more engaged meeting experiences for our customers.”

“We are delighted to be working with Mersive to solve challenges our customers face when adding wireless device screen sharing capabilities to any platform share on the in room screen along with remote participants.,” said Angela Hlavka, CEO at Iluminari Tech. “Our collaboration ensures our customers get a tested and intuitive wireless screen sharing experience. With Solstice and Quicklaunch together it provides our customers a great experience.”



Mersive’s Solstice is available in most countries worldwide as a pure software solution for meeting spaces with in-room PCs, or the Solstice Pod provides a turnkey solution that includes Solstice software integrated on an Android hardware platform.  For more information, please contact us, visit, or contact your local distributor or reseller.

Quicklaunch is available in two versions and in multiple languages. For more information, please contact us at, view the website at, call the Quicklaunch sales line at 1 (844) 815-9960, or contact your local distributor or reseller. For more information about the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program, visit and the Quicklaunch blog.


About Mersive 

Mersive is a leading provider of wireless media streaming and collaboration software for corporate, education, and government markets. Mersive Solstice allows any number of users to simultaneously stream content from computers, tablets, and phones to any display – wirelessly. Solstice improves meeting productivity and transforms ordinary displays into networked IT infrastructure that can be centrally monitored and managed. Solstice unlocks displays to create affordable collaboration environments that foster interaction and facilitate decision-making. For more information, visit


About Iluminari Inc

Iluminari specializes in delivering next-generation multi-platform communication and collaboration applications and solutions. Iluminari provides the applications, expertise, best practices and training to partners and customers to successfully implement collaboration solutions utilizing Quicklaunch. For more information, visit

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