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Mersive Announces New Solstice Pricing Plans

Mersive, a provider of display management and collaboration software, today announced new purchase options and pricing for its award-winning Solstice software. After a very successful 18 months in the market, Mersive is adjusting its base price to align with its previous volume purchase price levels. In addition, Mersive is adding a new Solstice pricing program for educational institutions, and offering a subscription purchase option, for those who prefer to maintain an operational expense, rather than make a capital investment in perpetual software licenses. The new pricing goes into effect August 20, 2014.

“Given the success we have had since our launch in March of 2013, it makes sense for us to expand the volume discount pricing to attract additional new customers who may have smaller deployments, or who are only at the start of a larger rollout to help them move quickly from pilot to their full implementation,” said Rob Balgley, Mersive’s CEO. “The addition of education pricing is an acknowledgement of the overwhelming interest from that market segment which along with our subscription price plan makes choosing Solstice an even easier decision.”

Revised Perpetual License Pricing: This option provides a permanent software license that includes one year of software maintenance. To continue to receive updates beyond the first year, extended software maintenance can be purchased yearly at a fee of 20 percent of the initial purchase price.

  • Solstice Unlimited – Commercial – $1,900
  • Solstice Unlimited – Education – $1,520
  • Solstice Small Group Edition (SGE) – Commercial – $1,250
  • Solstice Small Group Edition (SGE) – Education – $910

Subscription Licensing: This option provides a one year software license which includes any software updates for that year. The subscription can be renewed in subsequent years or allowed to expire. This option aligns well with customers who would prefer to purchase Solstice licenses as part of an operating expenditure rather than a capital expenditure.

  • Solstice Unlimited – Annual Subscription – $760
  • Solstice Small Group Edition (SGE) – Annual Subscription- $500

Mersive also offers a free 30-day trial of Solstice. To learn more, visit

About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of display management and collaboration software. By transforming hardware challenges into software solutions, Mersive has helped to create a new class of displays, enabling visual collaboration to go mainstream. Mersive Solstice software enables multiple users with a diversity of devices, using a range of applications, to access any display at the same time. Mersive Sol software automatically aligns multiple commodity projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services. These products provide knowledge workers with access to simple affordable visual display systems that foster interaction, facilitate decision-making and cultivate creativity. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit


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