Mersive Solstice

Mersive Launches Media Sharing and Display Management Software Solution

Mersive, a leading provider of visual computing software, today announced the availability of Solstice, its new media sharing and display management software product. Solstice software virtualizes displays into a single Pixel Landscape® allowing multiple users to share a screen simultaneously using a range of devices and applications running on an existing WiFi or Ethernet network.

“Solstice enables people to achieve a new level of interaction in meetings centered around visual data that simply does not happen today,” said Mersive CEO, Rob Balgley. “Solstice raises Mersive’s leadership position in creating a new class of displays that make visual collaboration a simple and affordable solution for a broad range of customers and use cases ranging from corporate conference rooms to classrooms.”

Solstice software solves mobile device connectivity issues in meetings where visual data is critical to decision making, planning and problem solving, and at the same time brings to market technology that transforms how displays fit into the IT infrastructure. Using an existing IP network and displays already in a conference room, Solstice enables users to walk in and instantly connect to the main display using their laptop or mobile device.

Among the features included in Solstice are:

  • Simple user interface to manage the Pixel Landscape®
  • One-button discovery of any Solstice-Enabled Display
  • Simultaneous display access for multiple users
  • Connect with laptops or mobile devices
  • Cable-free connection using existing WiFi networks
  • Click to share one window, multiple windows or entire desktop
  • Group can see edits to documents on the shared screen in real-time
  • Secure, managed pixel streaming to the shared display

“For years I’ve had a vision of an intelligent software solution that could leverage the world’s displays to create a truly shared infrastructure that would change the way we work, play and communicate with one another,” said Mersive Founder and CTO, Christopher Jaynes. “With initial grant money from the National Science Foundation, and the ongoing support of our investors, 3M New Ventures (3M’s corporate venture organization)Adena VenturesHopewell VenturesIn-Q-Tel and Razor’s Edge. We have built the software that makes the Pixel Landscape® vision a tangible concept, connecting the power of cloud-based computing and our personal devices to the existing display infrastructure.”

Mersive first introduced Solstice at DEMO Fall 2012 and today announces its availability for purchase.  To learn more and to apply for a free evaluation copy visit The company will be at events throughout the spring providing demonstrations of Solstice, see locations and dates.

About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of visual computing software. By transforming hardware challenges into software solutions, Mersive has helped to create a new class of displays, enabling visual collaboration to go mainstream. Mersive Solstice software enables multiple users with a diversity of devices, using a range of applications, to access any display at the same time. Mersive Sol software automatically aligns multiple commodity projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services. These products provide knowledge workers with access to simple affordable visual display systems that foster interaction, facilitate decision-making and cultivate creativity. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

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