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Mersive Releases Sol 2.1 Further Enhancing and Simplifying the Creation and Management of Large-Scale, Beyond-HD Displays

Mersive, a leading provider of visual computing software used to create and manage high performance displays, today announced general availability of Version 2.1 of its Sol software. Sol revolutionizes display setup and maintenance by automatically aligning and calibrating multiple projector images within minutes.  Automatic color alignment and per-pixel uniformity eliminate the hot-spotting and visible seams that appear in other multi-projector displays, and at the same time simplify installation and reduce maintenance cost.

Mersive’s visual computing software enables its OEM and integrator partners to bundle arrays of commodity projectors into large, seamless, beyond-HD displays.  Specific feature enhancements included in this release are:

– Camera based uniformity correction that adjusts for projector hot spots and bulb intensity differences.

– Faceted display support for complex display surfaces, such as cave-like displays.

– Camera stencil tool that allows users to remove problematic areas from camera images, such as light sources or surfaces that create reflections and can impact calibration images.

– Improved frame tool, and auto framing which automatically sets up the frame after each calibration.

– Enhanced mapping of 2D inputs for cylindrical and spherical display surfaces.

– Field of View (FOV) Camera support shipping with three lens options for more camera position flexibility.

– Additional install and setup tools.

“This latest release addresses several requests we received from customers to expand some of our unique features,” said Christopher Jaynes, CTO of Mersive.  “This further enhances our ability to provide a software solution that replaces labor-intensive, specialized hardware with an intelligent self-correcting system that produces continuous image quality over the life of the display.”

About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of visual computing software that creates and manages high performance displays.  By transforming a hardware challenge into a software solution, Mersive brings unprecedented simplicity and affordability to large-scale, beyond-HD displays, allowing visual collaboration to go mainstream.  Mersive software automatically aligns multiple commodity projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services. Knowledge workers such as engineers, designers, scientists, and control room operators can now view their visualization applications on large, high-resolution displays for daily team interaction. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit


PR Contact:   Elaine Schoch, Mersive PR Counsel, 303.898.1291

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