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Mersive Secures Financing to Scale Growth of Visual Computing Software That Enables Affordable High Performance Displays

Mersive Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of visual computing software that creates and manages high performance displays, today announced new financing from Adena Ventures and Hopewell Ventures. The financing supports expansion of Mersive’s early success in government and military agencies and growth in markets that also rely on advanced computer visualization, such as consumer packaged goods, oil and gas and product engineering.

As the use of 3D-modeling, CAD applications and high-resolution imagery to conduct research, analyze data and perform design tasks has exploded in recent years, display innovation has lagged behind.  Traditional large scale display solutions have been constrained by the physical engineering challenges of optics and light sources, the inflexibility of display electronics, and the slow-pace of hardware evolution.  As a result, displays have not kept pace with the markets aggressive adoption of pixel-rich software.

“Mersive closes the gap by transforming large-scale ultra high-resolution displays from a hardware intensive challenge to a software–driven solution,”  Stated Rob Balgley, CEO of Mersive, “Our software-centric approach enables the use of commodity projectors and light engines to achieve unsurpassed picture quality at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.  With Mersive, users now have the resolution, size, color fidelity and flexibility at a price point that enables them to view the full native capability of their graphics-intensive application software.”

“We are committed to investing in game-changing technologies like Mersive’s patented software that will take large-scale high resolution display systems mainstream,” stated Jeff Doose, Partner at Adena Ventures. “As Mersive expands its market reach, any size organization, not just the privileged few, will be able to enjoy the benefits of an easy to install, superior quality display that can scale to virtually any size or shape.”

Mersive’s Sol technology revolutionizes display setup and maintenance by automatically aligning and calibrating multiple projector images within minutes.  Automatic color alignment and per-pixel uniformity eliminate the hot-spotting and visible seams that appear in other multi-projector displays, and at the same time simplify installation and maintenance.  Mersive’s visual computing software enables its OEM and integrator partners to bundle arrays of commodity projectors into large, seamless, beyond-HD displays.

“With this funding, Mersive will be able to continue to extend its reach.” continued Balgley, “By combining our powerful software solutions with commodity hardware, we are able to replace customers’ existing labor intensive specialized hardware with an intelligent self-correcting system that produces continuous image quality over the life of the display.  This brings large scale, very high resolution displays into budget for a broad base of commercial, scientific research and government customers.”

About Adena Ventures

Adena Ventures provides equity capital and operational assistance services to small businesses with high growth potential and strong entrepreneurial management teams. Adena’s focus is on firms with principal operations in central Appalachia.

About Hopewell Ventures

Hopewell Ventures is a regionally focused, $110 million venture capital / private equity fund licensed by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC). Now celebrating its sixth anniversary, Hopewell is a leading investor in Illinois and Midwestern companies.

About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of visual computing software that creates and manages high performance displays.  By transforming a hardware challenge into a software solution, Mersive brings unprecedented simplicity and affordability to large-scale, beyond-HD displays, allowing visual collaboration to go mainstream.  Mersive software automatically aligns multiple commodity projectors into one seamless image of extraordinary quality and resolution without the expense of specialized hardware and services. Knowledge workers such as engineers, designers, scientists, and control room operators can now view their visualization applications on large, high-resolution displays for daily team interaction. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit or call 1-303-291-3775.


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