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Mersive Sol Server Used to Deploy Complex Display Systems in Hours Rather Than Days

Mersive Technologies, an emerging display technology company that is redefining the ease with which ultra resolution, multi-projector displays can be designed, deployed and maintained has licensed its Mersive Sol(TM) Server to Lockheed Martin for use in the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Virtual Trainer Dome simulator at Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) in Nevada. The Air Force’s Joint Air Ground Operations School at Nellis AFB is the primary training facility for the USAF JTACs.

The Mersive Sol Server also was recently licensed for use in a portable Interim JTAC Training Rehearsal System (TRS) that was featured at the AFA 2007 Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition in Washington D.C.

A JTAC, who is the link between the Army and the Air Force when combat requires the aid of close air support, is expected to maintain situational awareness, know the supported unit’s plans, and validate and prosecute targets of opportunity. The I-JTAC TRS Proof-of-Concept Dome, built by Lockheed Martin, offers a high fidelity, realistic, fully immersive, real-time visual environment with sensor, simulator, and database correlation.

Mersive’s Sol Server provides automatic calibration of the display system, which is comprised of multiple overlapping projectors that fill the interior surface of the dome. The camera-based, auto-calibration software allows for correction of geometric distortion, intensity and color variation in overlap regions that result from using multiple overlapping projectors on the spherical surface of the dome. The Sol Server solution provides full calibration of the dome in less than one hour rather than the several man-days required when using traditional manual calibration methods.  The quality of the resulting display is also greatly improved.

Now fully supported by the MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG)(TM), which is a state-of-art, real-time 3D computer image generator (IG) used on the JTAC unit, the Sol Server solution adds zero latency to the display system. Warping, blending and color correction is accomplished by applying parameters supplied by the Mersive Sol Server to images generated by MetaVR directly on the graphics card used by the IG. No additional external hardware is required.

Lockheed Martin considers the Mersive Sol Server and auto-calibration a major innovation to training device technology that will allow more time to focus on development of the training environment vs. maintaining the training device. The Sol Server has enabled Lockheed Martin to select from a wide variety of projection solutions independent of a projector’s ability to provide on-board warping and blending of the multi-projector scene. The Mersive software also greatly reduces the labor intensive procedure of manual alignment and color balancing multi-projector display systems and it perfectly complements the Lockheed Martin high fidelity solution for the I-JTAC TRS.

Mersive will host a webinar on Thursday, November 1st on how the Mersive Sol Server can be used to calibrate complex visual displays.

About Mersive Technologies

Mersive Technologies is a display technology company that redefines the ease with which ultra resolution, multi-projector displays can be designed, configured and maintained. A leader in the creation of ultra definition (UD) displays with resolutions greater than high definition (HD) devices, Mersive provides a cost-effective, true auto-calibration solution capable of merging any number of projectors into a seamless display of almost any size, shape and resolution.  Technology once considered only practical for select high capital industries is now being made available by Mersive for a range of applications from simulation and training to museum displays and digital signage. Mersive is privately held and venture funded with additional grant support. Its clients include the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force as well as a number of museums and academic labs. For more information on Mersive’s ultra definition display technologies, please visit

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