Using Alexa with Solstice – OpenControl API Demo

Solstice OpenControl API Demo ‘Using Alexa with Solstice’

Definition of open API: An open API (often referred to as a public API) is a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service.

In this video we share a creative use case of the OpenControl API – using an Alexa device to communicate with Solstice Pod to share and control digital content on the display. As shown in this video, Solstice users have the ability to integrate with 3rd party hardware/software through a simple RESTful API. The OpenControl API creates yet another opportunity to supplement expensive AV control hardware by combining the use of cheaper hardware/software solutions together.

Have a creative idea for using the Solstice OpenControl API? Please share your ideas with us or better yet, shoot a video of your own and tag #SolsticeAPI.

What do you need to get started? All you need to use the OpenControl API is an Enterprise Edition Solstice Pod or Solstice Windows Software license, a client platform for issuing commands to the Solstice host, and a network connection between the client and Solstice host.

How else can you leverage the OpenControl API? This is only one example as more common applications may include a deeper Solstice integration with existing room infrastructure, a touch control panel for example. To learn about this and more about the requirements, setup, as well as an overall deployment overview visit our OpenControl API product documentation page.

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