Complete Collaboration Solutions

Solstice Conference paired with Jabra’s audio/video conferencing solutions deliver a new class of video conferencing room system that enhances meeting collaboration by adding rich content sharing along with agnostic room support for any PC-based video conferencing application. These touchless, easy-to-use room solutions offer 180° Panoramic-4K video and are driven completely by users’ own devices, resulting in a more collaborative meeting experience between on-site and remote participants.

Jabra PanaCast + Solstice

Ideal for flexible collaboration spaces

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Jabra PanaCast with Speak 750 + Solstice

Ideal for any meeting space

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Jabra PanaCast 50 + Solstice

Ideal for meeting rooms

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Additionally, Jabra Link 370, Jabra Speak 710, and Jabra Speak 810 are certified to work with Solstice Conference.

Why Pair Solstice with Jabra

Agnostic Room Conferencing

Seamless support for all major conferencing services provides meeting flexibility without vendor lock-in.

Touchless One-Step Start

On their laptops, meeting hosts simply enter the 4-digit PIN visible on the room display to auto-launch the scheduled web conference.


Easy & Quick Installation

Fast to set up conference rooms with USB plug and play connectivity for Jabra A/V devices.

High Quality Audio Icon

High Quality Audio/Video

Jabra’s intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K video technology and astounding professional-grade sound delivers a better hybrid meeting experience.

Powerful Collaboration

Multi-participant BYOD content sharing, control, and markup allows your team to share their best ideas.

Occupancy & Collaboration Analytics

Insights from Mersive and Jabra empower organizations to better understand and optimize their meeting and learning spaces.

One Platform for Any Meeting or Learning Space

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