Episode 1: The Grand Challenge – Designing the Meeting Space of the Future

New challenges are being defined by the workplace. Shifting workplace dynamics, including an increase in remote work, a proliferation of video conferencing services, and the development of the hybrid workplace have all contributed to a need to redefine the workplace and its purpose.

In this episode, Mersive CTO and Founder Christopher Jaynes, PhD, is joined by Rob Badenoch, Partner at TAD Associates to discuss how the workplace design of the future – and the present – must focus on human collaboration and how to accommodate a more geographically distributed workforce.

The grand challenge: how do you reinvent video conferencing to ensure all users are on equal footing – regardless of location? Tune in as Chris and Rob discuss how technologists and designers are thinking about room infrastructure, the user experience, and how ‘bring your own meeting’ solutions will shape our meeting spaces.

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