Episode 6: Transformative Solutions for the Hybrid Workforce

2022 marks a new era for working and learning spaces everywhere. As offices prepare for the return to work, there will still be a greater percentage of people working remotely full or part-time. With the ability to choose when and where to work, how will this hybrid reality impact meetings going forward?

Traditional meetings with no or few remote participants will be replaced by a more complex mix of team members who are spread across multiple onsite meeting rooms, personal offices, and remote locations. This will pose a challenge and opportunity to re-envision how technology can support these types of meetings and hybrid workers. Creating a workplace that is both flexible for employees and productive for business will require tools that support meaningful collaboration between both in-office and remote workers.

Listen to Mersive CTO and Founder Christopher Jaynes, PhD and AVI-SPL Canada to discover how intelligent, flexible meeting room solutions can support user choice and health in the return-to-work era.

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Workplace Connect Episode 6

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