Episode 8: The Future of Hybrid Learning Environments

How will the next generation of classrooms create seamless experiences that enable a more engaging and collaborative workflow for facilitators and students alike? The traditional conferencing systems, with a single camera, viewpoint, and sharing feed limits remote learning interaction, and is far from the dream of tele-present learning. At the same time, students who do join in-person classes are looking for an active, collaborative learning experience. The campus has now become a destination, requiring more thought into fostering an interactive and engaging curriculum students are willing to make a trip to see.

The goal – provide an engaging learning experience for all students, putting everyone on equal footing no matter where they are.

Tune in with Mersive CTO & Founder Christopher Jaynes, PhD, as he breaks down the traditional barriers of complex and expensive AV systems when it comes to flexible learning and flip learning environments. Learn how recent software developments are introducing new solutions that eliminate complex hardware in these environments and bridge the gap between remote and on-site learners.

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