Solstice for Windows

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Solstice for Windows provides award-winning wireless collaboration by installing software on a Windows host PC connected to a display.

Small Group Edition (SGE) supports up to four concurrent users sharing content while Unlimited supports more than four. Enterprise Edition includes Solstice Dashboard for centralized monitoring and management for larger scale deployments.

The  Solstice Subscription provides access to ongoing software upgrades as well as direct technical support from the Mersive customer support team.  All Solstice Pod purchases include a one-year subscription for free.

US and Canada orders only, up to 3 instances. If you’d like to purchase more than 3 instances,  please contact us to discuss easy order options through our channel partners.

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Add extended solstice subscription

The Solstice Subscription provides access to ongoing software upgrades as well as direct technical support from the Mersive customer support team. All Solstice Pod purchases include a one-year subscription at no additional cost. To add extended solstice subscription to your order, please contact us directly to discuss options that accommodate your needs.

Solstice Display Software FAQs

What are the benefits of using Solstice?

Solstice drives participant engagement, improves meeting efficiency, and yields better results by allowing users to share an unlimited amount of content to the meeting room display. Solstice is easy to use, delivers unmatched collaborative capabilities, is secure and manageable at scale, and delivers additional value to your meeting spaces through features like room calendar integration, digital signage playback, and meeting analytics.

How can I buy Solstice?

Solstice is available for purchase through our extensive network of AV/IT dealer partners, or small quantities can be purchased via the Mersive website. Please refer to this page for more information on your purchase options:

What is a Solstice Subscription?

A Solstice Subscription provides access to new Solstice features and live technical support after the initial purchase date. A free one-year subscription is included with the purchase of a Solstice Pod or Solstice for Windows. Thereafter, the Solstice Subscription is available for an annual fee. Whereas most vendors require the purchase of new hardware to gain new features, Mersive delivers new features via software updates since Solstice is inherently a software platform. This software-based model allows delivery of new innovations with more frequency, less disruption, and at a lower cost than other solutions.

What is the difference between the Solstice Pod and the Solstice Display Software (Windows Only) version of the product?

The Solstice Pod is a prepackaged hardware / software combination that runs Solstice software on a Mersive-manufactured device. Solstice for Windows is a version of Solstice software than runs on a customer-provided Windows PC.

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