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Network and Security

Protect your deployment.
A network-attached collaboration platform for the modern enterprise, Solstice was developed with security and privacy in mind. Solstice is deployed in some of the world’s most secure and sensitive enterprise environments.
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Fully Compliant Multi-Network Support

Solstice is designed to be securely deployed on a broad range of IT networks, including large-scale networks with complex network architectures, segmented VLANs, or separate guest and enterprise networks. Solstice provides a fully IT-compliant room solution that is easy to manage remotely and scalable to any number of spaces.

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

With robust data and network encryption, kernel-level firewall features, and counter brute-force mechanisms, Solstice has been vetted and tested by the largest companies in the world to ensure compliance with the most up to date and stringent data security methods.
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Benefits of Making Solstice the Global Standard for Your Meeting Spaces

Leverage Your Enterprise Network Investment

Solstice can be securely deployed on your enterprise networks and easily configured to meet the requirements of your IT security policy.

Scale to Any Number
of Rooms

From security hardening to centralized cloud management, Solstice can be added to any number of rooms without adding to your administrative burden.

Guarantee Enterprise-Grade

Through third-party penetration testing and stringent security protocols, Mersive ensures our solution is secure so you have peace of mind.

Create better meetings with Solstice.