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Streamline Deployment Management

Easily integrate Solstice with your existing IT management dashboards to make managing your Solstice deployment even simpler. Use integrated API commands to configure your Solstice displays, monitor their status, or even view usage statistics to streamline and centralize your management processes.

In-Room Control Panels Image

Leverage In-Room Control Panels

Integrate Solstice more deeply with your existing room infrastructure, such as third-party control systems, to leverage and enhance your existing technology investments. Configure your in-room control panels to clear the screen of posted content, sleep or wake the room display, or even reset the screen key, to make your meeting spaces even easier to use.

Get More from Solstice Using OpenControl API

Fully Customize Your Meeting Spaces

Whether it’s integrating a control panel or third-party calendar, Solstice lets you customize your meeting spaces to suit your technology needs.

Get Creative with Your Integrations

Want to get an email when a certain setting changes? Enable dynamic input switching? With our API, you can get creative with how you manage your deployment.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Maximize Your ROI

Our OpenControl API utilizes simple commands, allowing you to build your own integrations without needing to rely on third-party developers.

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Meeting Collaboration

Share content wirelessly.

Digital Signage

Communicate key messages.

Video Routing

Set up simple video feeds.